R. Kurtz Photography

About the Photographer:

           R. Kurtz Photography is a family owned and operated business by Myself, Rachel and my husband Kris along with our fabulous assistants!  Together we work endlessly to capture your precious moments!

          So what sets us apart from other photographers? For starters we will always take the time to find out how to meet your needs exactly.  We will meet with you for a free consultation before the event and we will send you a package of information for you to write all the specific details about the event. 

         We Offer the lowest Prices: Why do we have our prices lower than most?  Because we know how expensive a wedding or special event can be and with the economy the way it is, you shouldn't have to cut corners on capturing your precious memories because of the cost.  The last thing you should have to worry about is making sure you have a good photographer.  As a married couple we could not afford a good photographer and were very disappointed with the outcome.  We have taken the time to study business and finances and have come up with prices that both accommodate those looking for photography and us as business owners.

        Our Quality is Top Grade: Am I getting the same quality of photos as someone who charges more? Yes and then some!  Most photographers only do the basics and they only spend X amount of time working with you.  With R. Kurtz Photography, there is no time limit for your event nor is there a limit to photo edits.   If you tell us that you want the ceremony and reception photographed then you got it!  There will be no time frame such as lets see what coverage we can get in 6 hours. 

        We are devoted to each client that we work with and we will take the time to get to know you to be able to customize your photographs to fit your personality.  We use all of the finest equipment and guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service or your money back! (this does not include your initial deposit)