R. Kurtz Photography

Mission Statement

    R. Kurtz Photography strives to capture passion and vigor of your precious moments and events - be it personal or professional, business or pleasure.  By customizing packages for your individual needs, we can guarantee the lowest pricing in the Tri-Cities area and deliver every facet of your unique needs.

    We know how important that special moment can be and how expensive it can too.  We have studied both the business and financial aspect of things and have found a way to keep our prices lower  and still meet our financial needs.  We promise that you are still getting the same high grade quality of photos as you would any other photographer. 

    What sets us apart from other photographers is our level of passion for what we do and our ability to get on your level to meet your needs exactly weather it be to customize prices for you need or just specific shots. 

    Thank you for making us your number one photographer!

                                The World Is A Photograph!